If the game doesn't start, try right clicking on it and select "Reload frame"


Through the times we have sought to recreate the skills of our ancestors. In this game, it is your turn to do so.

This game was developed with a game controller in mind. Only tested with Xbox 360 controller.

Controls: Use main analog stick to move.

Arrow keys also work,  but the game has only been tested with a controller.

The game jam theme was Recreation.

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really fun and challenging using arrow keys! :D gg

Hej Funbyjohn! :D
Er det muligt at kunne få et downloadet eksemplar af spillet?

Mvh. Jesper

Hej Jesper!

Jeg har uploadet det her: http://funbyjohn.com/IJustWantToWinTheLEGOGlobe.html 

- så skal du bare gemme hjemmesiden :)

Mvh Johannes